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He's just this guy, you know.

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David Cook
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I am a person who will, one day, write a better bio than this.

The story so far :
I was born. I lived in various places in South Australia - Thevenard for 2 years, Whyalla for 4 years, Port Pirie for 2 years, and then Adelaide for 19 years.
I moved to Melbourne, Victoria, to live with rwrylsin in 1997, then in 2003 rwrylsin and I got married. In May 2004 we left Australia and moved to Scotland - we spent a few weeks in Edinburgh, and then settled in Glasgow for over four years, enjoying castles, scenery, fencing, and travel around the UK and Europe. In October/November 2008 we left Glasgow, took a final farewell tour of the UK, and returned to Melbourne.

On LiveJournal, I seem to have friended a few different groups of people - there are people who were friends of mine when I lived in Adelaide (some of whom have, themselves, moved to places near and far), random fannish people from Melbourne (MSFC, FAS2, and others), some people in the UK (mostly seem to be involved in fandom in some way), and lastly, random people that I have friended because they write interesting things, or I saw them on Usenet first, or just because.
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