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The Flu Strikes Back ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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April 1st, 2005

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10:44 pm - The Flu Strikes Back ...
First, go read Foiling Around , rwrylsin's fencing fanzine. Issue 5 now out.

Meanwhile, after slowly improving over the Eastercon weekend, and one day back at work on Wednesday, my flu struck again Wednesday night, and I didn't surface from bed until this morning. Spent yesterday and the prior night waking at roughly hourly intervals, changing position, and dozing off again. Attempted to get up a few times around 9-10am yesterday, and eventually succeeded and promptly ran to the bathroom and threw up (for the first time in just over 15 years, no less), then showered and headed back to bed, feeling just slightly better. Eventually surfaced this morning, grabbed a book and headed back to bed for a while, then actually got up around 1pm. Still don't have much appetite, and still feeling low on energy. I've eaten about as much in the past two days as I'd normally have for breakfast. Maybe tomorrow will be better ...
Current Mood: sickStill sick, darnit.

(En garde !)

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