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Human again !

Whew. After just over two weeks where I felt like a walking collection of symptoms, I'm finally feeling reasonably human again. Still short of energy, but that's to be expected after losing my appetite for most of a week and only getting even close to normal amounts of food over the last couple of days. Somewhere in the last few weeks I lost 4-5kg, too - this is probably the lightest I've been for 8-10 years, probably since I had glandular fever.
Yesterday, rwrylsin and I saw the doctor - an NHS doctor, and our first visit (which was, technically, supposed to happen about 8 months ago. Oops). I listed my various symptoms, the doctor listened, checked my breathing, and declared it to be a bacterial infection in the respiratory tract (apparently, if it had been the flu, it should have been over more than a week ago), and prescribed a suitable penicillin derivative for me. Hopefully that'll flush out any remaining nasties and I can get on with recovering (with the occasional grumble about missing not just one, but two fencing competitions due to this thing !). I suspect it'll be a good month or two before I'm back to the fitness level I had before getting this.

Meanwhile, our kitchen once more looks like a place fit for humans to prepare food in ... it had been getting steadily messier and grottier, and neither of us was well enough to deal with it properly. Today, I felt up to wielding the vacuum cleaner and mop and taming the dishes, and all is well and shiny again ... at least until dinner time.

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