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Right, time for an update ...

Now that we're back from the gym, and I'm not feeling much like moving from the computer, I should tell the world what we've been up to lately.

Tonight, the gym, for the first time in four weeks for me, somewhat longer for rwrylsin - and it certainly felt like it. I've lost quite a bit of fitness, and probably some strength too (I was around 82-83kg before the recent chest infection; 78kg just after; and back up to 80kg now after having appetite again for 10 days or so). Fortunately, there's some time before the next fencing competition to get back in shape (again). It is getting quite annoying spending so much time either sick or recovering, though.

Yesterday, a quiet day, with a brief shopping expedition. Also a spot of computer upgrading, which I will write about in a separate post.

Saturday, a trip to Edinburgh[1]. First stop was shopping on Princes St, with a stop in Jenners to look at cookware and Lego (both conveniently located in the basement), and in a tourist shop to see if there was anything interesting. Nothing really grabbed us (well, maybe a little Lego :-) ), and we moved on.
On, to Craigmillar castle. We've been there twice before, both times after a live_jnl_north meet, and the first time we only arrived 30 minutes before closing time, and the second time we got there after closing time. This time we were determined to see the whole place, and now that they're on summer opening hours, we managed it.
Craigmillar is an interesting place, not least because it's been reworked and remodeled so many times. As rwrylsin wrote , it's a rather confusing place, too, and we didn't quite understand why some things were done (e.g. blocking up various windows and doorways). Finally, we were done, and we'd seen most of the nooks and crannies, and headed on home and collapsed in front of the TV.

Now, I just have to hope that the support mobile for work doesn't ring tonight (or any time in the next week or so), and catch up on some sleep.

[1] I saw yonmei's fine plan to visit the Castle on the free open day, but being in Edinburgh by 9:30 would have meant leaving by 8:30, which would have meant getting up at 7:00 or so - after a week where I was getting up at 6 every day to be at work by 7:30. Basically, just not going to happen. Also, we're Friends of Historic Scotland, so we can visit their sites for free anyway, and avoid the days where they're crowded with people (except when we don't, because there's a special event on or something, like the Monty Python days at Doune).

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