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Monday !

In line with ang_grrr's poll , here's how Monday started for me :

<David leaves for work>
. o O ( Hmmm, that's odd, I have this feeling that I'm forgetting something, but I'm not sure what. )

<David gets to train station, waits a few minutes, then gets on train>

. o O ( Right, must find a seat with space nearby for the laptop )
. o O ( what laptop ? )
. o O ( The support laptop, of course, which I took home on Friday and need to take in on Monday so I have a computer to work on )
. o O ( ... what laptop ? )
. o O ( The one that is in one of my hands at the moment )
. o O ( ... ? )
. o O ( The one that ... oh bugger, I forgot the laptop ! )

<David dashes off train before doors close, goes back home and grabs the computer and finally heads back in to work, arriving 20 minutes later than he needed to ... >

Ahhh, Monday.

Meanwhile, don't push the Big Red Button (grabbed from drjon and laurenmitchell).

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