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Well, I am now a married man. Yay me ! (and Yay Lisa, who doesn't have an LJ, but does have a home page )

This is going to be rather a long entry, I'll cut as appropriate.

So, first,
Woke up and lazed around a while, then Lisa went off to the chiropractor for her monthly maintenance visit - especially important in this case because we knew the wedding day would be long and didn't want any trouble from her back :)

We had to go and pick up a sporran and belt to go with my kilt, from a place in Melton West (about 40km NW of the city, we live about 10km SE of the city). Fortunately, Melbourne has freeways. In fact, this is something slightly weird about Melbourne - to drive from our place in to the city at lunch-time can take 40-50 minutes (Hi Damien !), because of the trams, the parked cars, and the number of people trying to Do Stuff. On the other hand, our drive of 50km or so took 35ish minutes, because we live about 1km from a freeway entrance, and can circle around bypassing the CBD on freeways and 80-100 km/h zones all the way to Melton (well, we ended up in Bacchus Marsh after missing the turnoff, but that's another story).

The reason we had to hire the sporran and belt, after ordering them back in May when we were in Edinburgh ? Well, they were having some difficulty with the manufacturer and the "very scary man" there. As it turns out, the non-scary man at the hire place knows exactly who they were talking about, and apparently the man in question is very tall, very large, and has nothing resembling customer services skills. So, my accessories were delayed in the works somewhere.

After that, we went off to the airport (more freeways and highways) to pick up my parents, arriving from Adelaide for the wedding. They too were impressed at the way we could drive half-way across the city in around 30 minutes, on freeways for all except the last km. We entertained briefly, then dropped them off at the hotel they were staying at in the city.

Next stop was the florist who had made a floral headpiece for Lisa, and then a surprise birthday party for Nicolai (who shares his birthday with me, strangely enough). Amazingly, he was surprised (or he's a very good actor), and we had some fun there for a while, before having to run off. I met laurenmitchell and lofwyr and possibly other LJers who I've been reading for a while, and explained how I found their LJs (which I'll explain elsewhere when I dive in to the 2nd floor/Korner community).

Final stop for the night was with my parents - we had planned to go out to dinner with them, but had a communication failure somewhere along the way, so they'd already been for dinner by the time we got there. We stayed and chatted for a while, then headed home and ate random stuff (whatever was too slow in running away from the fridge). Finally, ended up working on the CDs for the wedding, until the small hours of the morning (yup, I have lots of cool mediaeval and Celtic stuff, and hadn't realised just how much, or how hard it would be to sort through it and organise it).

Saturday was the Big Day[tm], and went remarkably well.
We got up far too early (before 8!), and headed out, with a quick petrol stop on the way - at least, it was meant to be a quick petrol stop, but my credit card got swallowed while trying to pay for the previous day's Citylink pass. We tried to get it out, but had to leave, so just left our details with the attendant, and got some numbers from him that we could try calling later.

So, off to the photo studio, where various family members had already arrived. Lisa's parents (Ron and Christine) had arrived, as had her brother (Peter) and sister (Kristy). Quick digression to explain my family situation : I was adopted (oooh). When I say "my parents", I'm referring to my adoptive parents (George and Sandra), and then there's my biological mother (Susan), who is married to Ted, and they have a son, Laurence, and my biological father (Tony), married to Angela, with sons Tim & Sam.
Whew. So, Ted, Susan and Laurence were also there when we arrived, and Kristy and Christine were there getting makeup applied. Tony, Angela & co. arrived shortly afterwards, and George and Sandra arrived last. This was the first time that all of our various parents had been in the same room, and in between being photographed everyone spent lots of time getting to know each other. Fortunately, Lisa and I have nice parents and everyone was getting along very well.

To give you an idea what we were wearing for the photos and the wedding, this is roughly it :
Lisa in mediaeval dress, David in kilt (MacKay tartan)

The photo session went until just after 2pm, by which time almost every possible combination of Lisa, myself and
both of us with parents/families/individuals respectively, had been photographed. Sometime during all of this, the petrol station where my card had been swallowed at the beginning of the day had called to say they'd got it out again, and they'd keep it for us to collect later. Once the photos were done, we had to drive off and head to Camelot Castle Receptions, the venue for the ceremony and reception, which was about 90 minutes drive from the studio.

The ceremony started at 4pm, held in this chapel at Camelot :
The chapel at Camelot
The ceremony was a mediaeval one, combining a number of old wedding traditions (hand-fasting, drinking of honey mead, exchanging of rings and vows, and ending with jumping over a sword). I was extremely nervous at the start, and had trouble holding my hand steady enough to light a candle near the beginning of the ceremony, but managed to relax a little as it went on, and thus, we were married.

After that was the fun bit, the reception. There were about 75 people there, with various relatives of both of us, plus friends from fencing, fandom and elsewhere - I was particularly happy that some of my friends came across from Adelaide to join us. The dinner consisted of a course of soups, then platters of meats with various roast vegetables, and then desserts afterwards. Between courses we were greatly entertained by the Court Jester, who juggled (he was apparently impressed when I juggled 5 balls too :), and taught us some simple mediaeval dances (more amusement, after the dances he asked if we wanted to do more mediaeval dancing, and Rebecca (friend of mine from Adelaide, currently dance-mistress of the College of Blessed Herman in the SCA) offered to teach people, with the help of Matt (my best man) and his partner Tracy. After the various dances and desserts, it was time for the more formal part of the reception - we cut the cake, and stood still for many photos, then gave short speeches, and stood for yet more photos, and then did our wedding dance - a tango, in this case, and while maybe not the first time someone in a kilt has done a tango, it must certainly be one of the few occasions where it's occurred. (And of course, there were the obligatory photos).
This was our cake :
Our wedding cake

After all of that, there was more dancing - I had carefully planned the CDs for the evening so that after our tango, there'd be some more ballroom-style music (waltzes, a couple of tangos, and some varied Latin stuff), before moving on to boppy Celtic music that people would ... errr ... bop along to. Some people started leaving then, having to either catch public transport, or drive long distances, or just being tired from a long day, but a fair number of us remained until the end of our booked time, at midnight. Fortunately, Lisa and I were staying in the bridal suite at Camelot, so we could stagger through and collapse after everyone had gone.

And then we had a
relatively quiet day on Sunday. All we had to do was drive back to our place (picking up the escaped credit card along the way), and clean up a bit before Susan, Ted & Laurence visited our place (since Susan and Laurence were heading back to their homes in Tasmania today (Monday) ). We had a very lazy evening after that, ordering in pizza, opening our wedding gifts, and playing computer games for a while.

And finally we catch up to today again, which was
only moderately busy. Guess what arrived in the mail this morning ? Yes, the irony meter went off the scale, it was the sporran and belt I'd ordered in May. So, we duly went and returned the hired sporran and belt (another "little" drive to Melton West), then drove to the airport to see off my parents (adoptive ones, that is), and also Susan and Laurence, on their respective flights to Adelaide and Launceston. After that, we cruised back, did grocery shopping, and settled back to a quiet evening on the computers (Lisa currently playing Rise of Nations, I'm running around in Morrowind some more).

Fortunately, I have two more days off work to catch up on sleep some more, and I intend to organise absolutely nothing in that time.
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