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Not quite the ideal sleep pattern ...

See if you can see what I mean :

Hours Bedtime Wake time
4 5:30 am Fri 26th 9:30 am Fri 26th
4 3:30 am Sat 27th 7:30 am Sat 27th (wedding to go to, you know)
10 1:00 am Sun 28th 11:00 am Sun 28th (finally caught up on some sleep)
5:30 5:30 am Mon 29th 11ish Mon 29th
7:30 5:30 am Tue 30th 1:00 pm Tue 30th
5 6:30 am Wed 1st 11:30 am Wed 1st
4 4:00 am Thu 2nd 8:00 am Thu 2nd (and back to work today !)

I seem to slip towards some other timezone really easily, or maybe I have a longer-than-24-hour daily cycle. It's a struggle to get back to anything resembling normal, though. Sometimes I do it by "wrapping around" - staying awake 30-36 hours, then going to bed at a reasonable time the next night. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to slip out again, especially if I get carried away with some computer game or other ...

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