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Getting older ...

So far, I'm not too displeased with the whole "getting older" thing, except for one bit :

Why am I still clumsy ? Really, you'd think my body would have learned better by now. *sigh*
And I'm clumsy despite a fairly good degree of coordination (I fence, and do ok; I can still juggle 5 balls; I play twitchy computer games ok (for my age) too ). And yet, I can sometimes reach over a table for one thing and discover an "invisible" object on the way, or stumble gracelessly over a crack in the pavement.

Oh well, let's hope that someday super-nano-electro-genetic-engineering[tm] can rework me to work better.

(just to avoid any confusion, this isn't related to my birthday, which is in September; just a random thought)

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