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Summer, where is thy sting ?

*sneeze* *Sneeze!* *SNEEZE!!*

Ah, there it is. My eyeballs itch, the roof of my mouth itches, and I'm sneezing and sniffling.
Welcome to my hayfever.

... now with bonus sunburn ! Because I'm an Australian ! And this is the UK !
Surely it never gets sunny enough to burn over here, right ?
... right ?

Oops :)

Seriously, though, rwrylsin and I are back from the neighborhood of Newcastle (is Gateshead a suburb of Newcastle, or a satellite city, or part of a merging Newcastle-Gateshead blob, or something else ?), and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. rwrylsin fenced on Saturday, then we went for a long walk by the Derwent on Saturday evening, and today we detoured via Hadrian's Wall and Chesters Fort and Vindolanda Fort on the way back to Glasgow. We walked near and sometimes through lots of lovely fields and meadows full of various sorts of wild flowers, hence the hayfever, not helped by the nice warm weather this weekend. Photos to follow, when I get them organised ...

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