David Cook (davidcook) wrote,
David Cook

Drama ! Excitement ! Smoke !

It seems there's a fire of some sort currently at Flinders St station (the Swanston St end) - from here (21st floor, near corner of Collins/Exhibition) I can't see any more than that, looks like it's coming from on or between two of the platforms. It can't be too serious, since traffic seems to be flowing normally along St Kilda Rd / Swanston St, and I saw a train heading in to the station.

Meanwhile, though, a fire engine driving along Flinders St (presumably its way to the fire) has run into the side of a van at the intersection of Flinders & Exhibition. As far as I can tell, no-one is hurt, but that intersection is going to be gummed up for a while (mainly affecting trams, the cars can work their way around the truck & van).

Rant time : Hey, drivers - pay attention ! And stop pushing your luck with the traffic light cycles ! And if you do notice an emergency vehicle, stay the heck out of their way ! I have no doubt (well, very little) that the van driver was distracted by something (loud music, phone, whatever), and ended up putting him/herself in a very unfortunate position.

Meanwhile, all of this happening, and here I am with no camera handy ... typical.

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