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Brief life update ...

After two weeks of laziness (and having rwrylsin's parents in town), we got back to the gym today. Thus begins our summer training campaign - our next fencing competition is in September, so I'm concentrating on fitness for at least the next month, maybe two.

Meanwhile, Victoria lost an Apostle ! Seems a bit careless, really. Fortunately, I took plenty of photos when we drove by that way in March last year.

halfflat - you'll be spinning in the grave that the shock of hearing this will put you into - the latest mobile ringtone abomination is Popcorn combined with Crazy Frog.

(errr, Googling suggests that Popcorn might not be as unique a song identifier as I was hoping ... oh well)

The latest UK fencing ranking update has me breaking in to the top 100 - well, sort of - "international" fencers, like me, can gain points at UK competitions, however we don't get an actual ranking - but we do get listed in the ranking table in the appropriate position for our points total. So I'm between the 96th and 97th ranked fencers, and technically I'm the 107th-ish entry in the list. I'm going to claim it as top 100 anyway :-) (out of 499 ranked fencers, plus a bunch of internationals)

Finally, I've been on-call at work the past week, and working 7:30 - 3:30 each day, and it's been very tiring - lots of 3am, 4am and 5am calls through the week, Friday started at 4:15am and didn't stop, and yesterday calls started coming in around 4:30am and there were about 10 during the day. Fortunately, someone else goes on-call from 8:00am tomorrow, and I'll be going back to normal 9-5 days in a few weeks time too.

And I've cunningly ensured that almost no-one will read this by posting late on Sunday night. Oh well :-)

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