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Scanning ...

I've been doing a lot of scanning lately.

Once upon a time, my father took up photography as a hobby (he was a merchant seaman at the time, so he had a) plenty of interesting new sights to photograph, and b) plenty of time to be fiddling around in a darkroom).
At some point, he had a bunch of 6x6cm and 6x9cm negatives, all cut into individual frames and stored in envelopes, with little notes on the envelopes listing a few of the subjects of the photos contained within.
As he moved around over the years, these negatives were put in a box containing some of his darkroom bits and pieces, and forgotten about.

Time passed.

And then my interest in photography re-awoke about 10 years ago, and I took some black and white photos, and upon hearing this, my father dug out his old box of darkroom bits and gave it to me, figuring that there'd be something useful in there for me.
When I did look through the box, I found the old negatives, but I didn't really look at them, just left them in there - and besides, at the time I didn't have any way to do anything with them.
Finally, this year, I have a scanner which can deal with medium format negatives, and a computer with enough memory to deal with the consequences of scanning medium format negatives, and I'm now working my way through and scanning them all. They're in pretty good condition, considering some of them are 50 or more years old, although some have deteriorated and have dark spots and blobs over them. Still, how many digital photos taken today will still be viewable in any way in 50 years time ?
I'm hoping to be finished, or something like it, by the 22nd of this month - because then I can burn them all to a CD or two and present them to my dad as a slightly early birthday present.

And here's an example photo - location and date completely unknown !

Old photo


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