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WorldCon Day 2 ... err, 3 ...errr ... something.

Yup, about half-way through, and already WorldCon is starting to get a little blurry around the edges.
Yesterday I did various helpful things for people, finally got around to going to a panel, saw the play ("Lucas Back in Anger"), hung around in or near the Fan Lounge and for the fan fund auction, then headed in to the room parties for an hour or so.
Today I got up in time to be only 5 minutes late to papersky's reading, then wandered vaguely, went to a panel, wandered vaguely and caught up with random people, panelled a bit more, had a wander through the Dealers Room and on to the Art Show (both very dangerous places, money is disappearing rapidly!), and after one more panel, we came home for dinner. Next up ... more stuff.

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