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WorldCon wrap-up ...

WorldCon mini-reports here, here and here. Exhausted now - just got up after 2 hours hard napping on the couch.
Saw kriste off this morning - she's whisked dalmeny and dmw off to Wales now. If I'd not got back home ... errr ... rather dawn-ish ... I could have gone to say hi and wave them off. Oh well ...
Took mireille21 to the airport (Prestwick) this afternoon - amused to pick out various WorldCon survivors around the place (I was estimating about 30% of the people there had been at the Con).
Managed to shop on the way home from there, ordered pizza for dinner though - simply couldn't face doing dishes and stuff. Collapsed on couch, and now time for bed. Tomorrow, must take car in for service (pity - I'd much rather been sleeping in until noon or so).
Soon, I'll try to write a coherent and complete WorldCon report, just so I have a good record of my experience there.
For now, though, bedtime.

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