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Time passes ...

... and David is very lazy. Still haven't sent out my thankyous for the wedding. Maybe tonight.

Meanwhile, went fencing last night, didn't fence particularly well, but had fun anyway, then cycled home (got a puncture on the way, walked for a km or so, then decided it'd have to be fixed before fencing on Thursday anyway, stopped and fixed it and continued riding home (it was a very mild night, very nice to be out walking or cycling in ) ).

I first mentioned the Springiness of Melbourne a few weeks ago, with the first warning signs of hayfever appearing. Nothing much came of that, or Spring, with a return to 14-16 degree temperatures and reasonable amounts of rain. Yesterday was almost 24, though, but felt much warmer than that - I'm now certain that I've adapted to cooler temperatures. Could be an advantage when we move to the UK next year, on the other hand there's still a Melbourne summer to get through ... maybe I'll un-adapt after the first decent warm spell.

Meanwhile^2, I've been reading K.J. Parker recently - first, reading the first two books of the Scavenger Trilogy - Shadow and Pattern , respectively, then finishing the Fencer Trilogy (I'd read Colors in the Steel and Belly of the Bow a while back, but hadn't got around to reading The Proof House ), and now I'm near the end of Memory . Technically, these are all fantasy novels, since the setting is fictional (as far as I know, anyway) and there are hints of magic here and there. On the other hand, there are no elves, dwarves, dragons, or heroic quests of a small and unlikely band of heroes. They also feature lots of proficient swordsmen. How can I not like them ? :->
I also managed to sneak in the new Pratchett - Monstrous Regiment , which is very good - continuing the more serious turn of his recent works, but there were still moments which made me laugh out loud. (Brief appearances by Angua and Vimes, so of course in my mind they now sound and look as they did in the play of Men At Arms I saw a while back).

Meanwhile^3, Alex Hanysz, an old friend from Adelaide, is in town, and we caught up on Monday for a while. He's playing as part of the "orchestra" (4 musicians playing 7 keyboards between them) for a performance of Philip Glass's "Akhnaten", part of the Melbourne Festival.

Ok, enough rambling for now, and I might shove some stuff behind cut tags so I don't blow up everyone's friends pages :)

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