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The Saturday ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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October 19th, 2003

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06:36 pm - The Saturday ...
Time passes, must therefore be time for another update.

Saturday involved going to the State Club Team Championships (epee, of course) at 10am. As usual, despite fencing at arguably the club strongest in epee in Australia (of the 5 Australians who fenced epee at the recent World Championships, 4 are members of VRI, and the other isn't but trains there anyway), we had a pitiful turnout for a teams comp. - two men, three women. There were three other teams, and after much standing around and indecisiveness, the other guy went home and I was made the reserve on a team with the three women. Since we didn't have at least four teams consisting of people all from the same club, the DT (hi Simon :) decided that this would not be an official comp. and no medals would be handed out. So, we duly fenced our first match, and I was subbed in for the last bout of the match, with the score at 38-40. So, in a competition which didn't count for anything against an opponent that I should be able to beat, even from a couple of hits down, what happened ? I was nervous, dammit ! Just like I normally get for the first bout of almost any other comp. Grrrr. I got a couple of ok hits, but "forgot I was tall" in the words of my teammates, and flubbed up a number more, and we lost 41-45. In the next match, I was subbed in third from last bout, and the score was 17-30. I did a bit (!) better there, and got us back to 33-35, but we lost that match 38-45. Finally, one of the girls had to go home and I fenced my three bouts in the last match, which we won 45-42. Despite that, I wasn't happy with the way I'd been fencing - too many lapses in concentration, too many thoughtless moves. That fitted in well with the rest of our team, though, everyone's mind's seemed to be elsewhere (the beach or the racetrack, in fact, since it was 28 and clear-blue-skied).
Now I'm reconsidering whether it's worth going to the National Champs in Perth at the beginning of December. I've been doing ok in training, but it seems I still have problems translating that to competitions. Grrr.
and then cleaning up my bike a bit, then going for a 45km ride - the first 35km were ok, but I ran out of energy for the last 10km, and had to stop and sugar up (Coke & snakes :) before heading home and collapsing for a while.
Finally revived myself and had dinner, and then we went out to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It's good ! Lots of fun, a good number of sword fights, a dash of humour, a hint of romance, and a lot of action.
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Date:October 19th, 2003 10:11 am (UTC)
So, if training is ok, but competing poses problems, I would think that what is required is more competition. Go to Perth! Then relax and have a good time.
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Date:October 23rd, 2003 03:08 am (UTC)

Interesting theory :->

What I don't get is that I've been competing at various levels for about 9 years now, you'd think I'd be pretty used to it by now.
Oh well, fencing is weird :)

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