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LJ Statistics !

Some random stats :
I have 189 people friended here, and 122 have friended me back (whee!).
Of the 122 mutual friends, I've met 98 so far. Of the other 22, quite a few are very far away (USA, Canada, China), so I may not get to meet them any time soon.
Of all the 189 people I've friended, I've met 138, and of that 138, I met 101 of them in person first, then found them online.
77 of you are in Australia, 78 in the UK (the UK figure only went ahead of the Oz one recently, after I met a few more of you at WorldCon), 25 in the USA, and the others are in RestOfTheWorldistan :-)

These statistics brought to you by momentary boredom at work and the number 7.

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