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I spent a little time today working out if the British fencing rankings system would work in Australia. First attempt involved a spreadsheet, but it was getting complicated and messy and reached a limit in my (eww) Excel knowledge. Second try was a simple awk script which does the job admirably. If I had to, I could probably whip it into usable shape and wrap a web page around it to make it easy to use. It's fun to tinker ...

So, I have data that looks something like this, listing the placings in each competition :
(about 500 rows of it in total)
1st Comp FencerA 1
1st Comp FencerB 2
1st Comp FencerC 3
2nd Comp FencerD 1
2nd Comp FencerC 2
2nd Comp FencerA 3

And I want to mangle it to look like this :
1st Comp 2nd Comp
FencerA 1 3
FencerB 2
FencerC 3 2
FencerD 1

And it should cope no matter how many competitions or different fencers are in the source list.
Or should I just stick to my awk script ?


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