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Another thing I Just Don't Get

Apparently the current fashion for jeans is to have them long - long enough that they trail along the ground and get scuffed and worn in about 5 minutes of wearing them. Ok, that doesn't make much sense, but people do this in Glasgow - where it often rains, and there's often water lying around. So there are lots of people wandering around in scuffed jeans which are soaked up to the back of the knees (and in keeping with the various other fashion trends around at the moment, if they're female they have straight shoulder-length hair and bare belly-buttons (in Glasgow ! Brrr), and if male they have short hair with a silly little tuft poking up at the front). I just don't get fashion ...

(re-reading the above make me feel old. Gah. Then again, I wasn't fashionable when I was younger, either ... )

(meanwhile, I was vaguely sure that coalescent wrote his 1000th entry recently, and I was meaning to read it and the zillions of comments replying to it, and now it seems to have gone. Did he delete it, or just take it fiends-only ? You see, I've made 999 comments, and I figured that would be the perfect place for the 1000th :-) )

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