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Right, must be time for an update ...

Recently someone on LJ posted a link to a game called Fate. I can't remember who it was, but they're a fiend - it is far too addictive for my own good.

Meanwhile, on top of roadworks starting soon in front of our place, it seems that the Partick train station (behind our block of units) is being demolished and redeveloped - while keeping it running normally. As rwrylsin says, we'll believe it when we see it (and survive catching our respective trains every day something like on time).

We've now watched our Firefly DVDs - don't know why it took so long, we just never quite got around to it. On the good side, this means we can watch Serenity now - but on the other hand, we've seen it all now, and there's no more ! It's not fair !

Last weekend, we saw possibly the most minimal ruined castle yet - Craigneath was the name, near Calderglen Country Park, which is near a river called "Rotten Calder". It consisted of a large mound, with one small section of wall on one corner, and what looked like an arched roof section still visible on the other corner (and a few very large piles of stone block rubble).

And finally, this weekend we're driving down to Kettering (Leicestershire) for a fencing tournament. Whee !

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