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Well, that was weird ...

Lately, I've been playing a lot of a game called "Fate", which is a basic but fun dungeon-crawl reduced to the basic elements of killing monsters and grabbing loot.

Last weekend, rwyrlsin and I caught up on what's been shown so far of season 2 of Hex.

Last night, I had a Fate/Hex crossover dream. I was running around raining down meteors and lightning bolts of various sorts of nasty creatures, but still couldn't [spoiler deleted] or save [spoiler deleted].

Very strange indeed.

(for those who get SkyOne, or have ... errr ... "other sources" for recently broadcast TV shows, I recommend watching Hex if you can find it - it's probably worth finding season 1 first, of course. Some have labelled it as "the British Buffy", but there's only a superficial resemblance, in that both shows feature witchery and demons and things that go bump in the night. Hex is slower-paced, suspenseful, darker, more adult, and plotted over the whole season rather than episodically.)

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