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Spinning around ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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October 31st, 2005

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05:28 pm - Spinning around ...
... and this week brings changes. The obvious one is the end of daylight savings time, and another is that I'm back to working 9-5, instead of the 7:30-3:30 of the last couple of months. This means I get to see some daylight in the morning, rather than going to work in the dark, which is nice. On the other hand, coming home at 3:30 with DST meant I still had a couple of hours of daylight left. Home by 5:30 today, and it's dark, dark, dark ! (and wet; not particularly cold, but it is only Autumn still)
I did some fiddling in a spreadsheet, and around October & November, the days are getting shorter by 4-6 minutes every day - when you lose 30 minutes of daylight in a week, it's really noticeable ! (for comparison, in Melbourne the maximum change in length of day/per day is 4 minutes, but mostly 2-3)
Obviously it's time to post some Autumnal photos.
Current Mood: calmSeasonal

(En garde !)

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