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A weekend ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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December 12th, 2005

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12:08 am - A weekend ...
Another busy weekend passes. On Saturday, rwrylsin and I were competing in the Scottish inter-Section team championships (there are four Sections - North, East, West and Central; East didn't field a team this year). We were competing for West section, and had a good day - winning the men's foil, women's sabre, men's epee and women's foil, as well as the overall trophy. I had a mostly good day in the men's epee team, and was very happy with the final bout of the second match. We started it behind, 38 to 40, and I was facing a fencer who had beaten me three or four times previously (mostly in pool bouts at various competitions, but also in the semi-finals of this year's Highland Open). This time I changed tactics, varying the distance a lot more and not making silly mistakes, and started with three hits in a row to put us in the lead (for the first time in the bout), and closed the bout out 45-43. Nice to finish the year on a winning note, and fencing reasonably well. Now we get a month to relax and make sundry repairs and purchases, and get ready for the first competition of next year, the Scottish Open, early in January.

On Sunday, we finally had a lazy Sunday lie-in (after being busy, mostly with fencing events of some sort, for what feels like every weekend since about WorldCon), and then headed in to town in the afternoon to meet banhe to go ice-skating in George Square. I'm not very good at ice-skating, mostly because I didn't learn it when I was young, and because I go so infrequently that I end up re-learning how to do it every time. Still, I managed to skate around in a mostly controlled manner after a while, and didn't fall over (flailed a lot, but managed to stay upright). Afterwards, we wandered down to The 13th Note and sat around chatting for a while, then rwrylsin and I headed home and banhe went to start on her Christmas shopping (oooh).
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Date:December 12th, 2005 05:39 pm (UTC)
I will e-mail you the application form for the course...

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