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Another week ...

Whew. Very glad to make it to Friday this week, and that's with Monday off. 7:30am starts for work, with fencing, gym, and more fencing on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday respectively, make for a tired David (well, that and regularly staying up too late, but that's normal for me :-) ).
Should post about the trip to Sweden, but rwrylsin did such a good job of it already that I can't really add much, except to note that the day we arrived it was -3° in Stockholm, and the next day it was -7° in Duved, and it didn't get any warmer than that the rest of the time we were there. We got quite a bit of snow too, especially the night we went touristing in Åre and spent 30 minutes waiting for the bus. I should note that I was wearing so much warm clothing that apart from the wind chill on exposed bits of skin (cheeks, nose, lips, chin mostly), I was quite comfortable outside, even when it was around -15° or so.

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