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Back again ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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February 6th, 2006

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10:07 pm - Back again ...
We're back again, this time from a trip down to the Slough Open (which was actually held in Bracknell this year, and next year it's moving to somewhere else which isn't Bracknell but still isn't Slough). To summarise - there were 157 fencers, I won 4/5 bouts in the pool round, was ranked 33rd into the DE, won bouts in the 128 and 64, then lost in the final 32, finished 24th. Consumed large amounts of coke, chocolate and shortbread and now have a remarkable collection of sore muscles and a few bruises and blisters too. Must have been working hard or something. Now we get to relax for a while, the next competition is five weeks away, and is in Edinburgh - practically next door. I might even get around to posting detailed updates on the fencing comps I've done since ... ummm ... the last time I posted one, which was quite a while ago now ...
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(En garde !)

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