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Time for a clean-up ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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February 21st, 2006

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04:51 pm - Time for a clean-up ...
I have 4 Firefox windows open, with just on 200 tabs open between them. Must be time to wade through and close or bookmark or post them to LJ. Half of 'em probably came from LJ in the first place, most likely via linkfrenzy or andyduckerlinks or random linkage, but I've had them around so long that I have no idea where or who to credit. Whee.

(meanwhile, this is with v1.5.0.1 of FF, proving to be quite stable under heavy use. In particular, with 1.0.x, I was frequently crashing it when visiting The Age website, especially if I opened multiple links from the site in background tabs at once. I think I've had a crash or two with 1.5, but nothing that Session Saver couldn't fix ... )
Current Mood: sickStill not well ...

(En garde !)

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