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Surprising things ...

Some things which I'm still surprised by over here :

1. The abominable stock management of Sainsbury's (and others) - you can't count on items being available in different stores, or still being available next time you want to buy them, or actually being on the shelves when you're trying to buy.

2. A truck driver, going at 60mph on a two-lane motorway, deciding to overtake a truck doing approximately 59.999mph. This takes approximately half the length of Britain to accomplish and results in a massive tail-back of cars who'd rather be doing anywhere from 60.01mph to 120mph behind it. What are they thinking ?

3. The non-clinginess of cling film/food wrap over here.

4. Motorists in busy city traffic creating gaps, letting other drivers turn in front of them, letting buses out, and generally being co-operative rather than competitive.

5. How mild a 10 degree day can feel (after three months of daily maximums averaging around 5).

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