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March 26th, 2006

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07:04 pm - Busy ...
Last week was reasonably busy - apart from work, went seeking epeeists at another fencing club on Monday night (didn't find any, will drag some along with me tomorrow), introduced rwrylsin's beginners group to epee on Tuesday after taking rwrylsin to the airport (another junket training course in London, lucky thing), had a committee meeting for the fencing club on Wednesday, regular fencing training on Thursday, and picked rwrylsin up from the airport on Friday. Whew. Yesterday, finally dealt with all the washing that has been accumulating over the week because the washing machine broke down at the start of the week and hasn't been fixed yet, and did regular shopping, and installed the DVD-ROM and started playing Oblivion. It's neat so far, but I've had a big reality check on the capability of my hardware to handle the latest games (Athlon 2400, 1G RAM, GeForce FX 5900XT). At 640x480 and with lots of the graphic features dialed way down, I get playable framerates - I tried at 1280x1024 (native resolution of my LCD monitor), and was getting 5-10 FPS. Might be time to get in touch with the hardware world again and start planning the next upgrade (fortunately, I dither about for so long deciding what gives the best performance for what I'm willing to spend that I'll have some time to save up ... did I mention that I bought a new digital SLR last week ?). Today was sleeping in (but losing an hour, DST strikes again), and dealing with more of yesterday's washing, and going to the gym with some more shopping.

Next week should be similarly busy, with fencing Monday, quiet Tuesday (but must catch Battlestart Galactica - Resurrection, pt 2 is next), then probably off to the gym on Wednesday, fencing again Thursday, checking equipment Friday, and getting up early to help set up (and later compete in) the Glasgow Open on Saturday. No wonder life feels busy at the moment ...
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