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Two weeks pass ...

Two weeks pass ... in a blur of Oblivion and fencing. Oblivion ("The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" in full) is fiendish, because it tells you how many hours you've been playing a particular character. I bought it two weeks ago, and have played quite a bit *cough*60hours*cough*. Amazingly, I've also found some time for fencing (training and another competition), and mundane stuff like going to work, eating, sleeping ... oh wait, I knew I was forgetting something.

Last weekend was the Glasgow Open. After getting there around 7:40 to help set up, the actual fencing started around 10:00. I did ok in the first round (won 4/4 bouts), dropped one in the second round (4/5), and promoted 8th into the DE. Had a bye in the 64, won comfortably in the 32 (15-5) ... and then lost 14-15 to the no. 9 seed. I had a nice comeback from 10-14 down, but I just couldn't hold the concentration to get one more hit - very frustrating. That makes four 14-15 results I've had in competitions this season, and each time I've felt they were "winnable" bouts. Final placing 10th. Next time, for sure !

I have a new camera ! A Pentax *ist DS2 (yes, the asterisk is part of the name, and if I ever meet the marketing moron who thought it up I'll thwack them upside the head with my camera - do you know how hard it is to search for this range on Google or eBay or just about anywhere ? Bah), and it is all shiny and digital. Best of all, it can use all my old Pentax lenses, although their effective focal lengths all go up 1.5 times on this camera (because the CCD it uses is smaller than 35mm film). That's not all bad, my 300mm lens is now effectively 450mm or so (whee !), but it leaves a gap at the wide end of the range ... so I'll just have to go and buy a new lens to go with it ! Whee !

Today we went for a little drive, saw the inside of Dundonald castle (we'd wandered around the outside once before, outside of opening hours), went for a walk in Dean Castle Country Park, saw Laigh Milton Viaduct (apparently the first railway viaduct in the world), and came home. Intended to have dinner at Toby's Carvery on the way home, but the place was full and had a 50 minute wait for a table for 2, so we ended up coming home then going to a nearby pub for dinner (fish and chips, and done just right).

Now I think it's time for a little more Oblivion ... :-)

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