David Cook (davidcook) wrote,
David Cook

The world is buggy ...

... when you're out cycling on a humid evening close to an open storm drain.

Ok, in David's imagination he cycles like he was 21, his legs and lungs know that he's really 33 though. *cough*puffpant*

I have a plan (oooh) :
By January or so, I should be able to cycle the 16ish km to East Brunswick by 10am on a Saturday morning, join in with the State Squad epee training session until 12-1pm, then cycle home (without dying of exhaustion during or after).

So, I went for a little ride tonight, down to the old (possibly abandoned ?) bitumen velodrome about 2km from here. Maybe it was riding on the velodrome which helped remind me of being 21, since I did cycle racing (road and track) for a few years, age 21 being when I stopped. Sure, riding in circles isn't the most exciting thing in the world (although it helps when there are other people down there too), but it has some advantages - no traffic (big advantage in Melbourne !), no hills (also a good thing - even a small hill can kill my riding rhythm), and being 2km from home means that if the bike breaks down (or I do !) I can just walk home.

Distance covered: Unknown, the battery on the bike computer went flat and I forget to get a new one today.
Speed: See above. Somewhere around 30-35km/h based on very rough timing using my watch ...

The plan for getting fit enough to the Saturday morning cycling/fencing/cycling is to hop on the bike as soon as possible after getting home from work, and ride for 30-60 minutes, once or twice a week. Ideally it'd be 2-4 times, but there's fencing training on Tuesday and Thursday nights, MSFC meetings on Friday nights, and dance lessons will be randomly appearing on Monday or Wednesday nights. Of course, Melbourne Spring/Summer weather is random enough that there could be rain or thunderstorms or something on all the nights I want to ride, in which case I'll come up with Plan B.


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