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May 21st, 2006

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11:15 pm - TV catch-up ...
Battlestar Galactica season 2 has finished, with a two-part-plus special ending. Overall, I liked the season, although I'm not entirely convinced by the "one year later" scenario. Where did their food come from ? Even with some fast-growing crop that could be harvested in 6 months, they'd still have to prepare fields and plant it and hope it'd survive on a completely new planet to them (we don't even know if Colonial crops would survive), on a scale to feed around 40,000 people. And where did they get 10,000+ tents from ? They didn't set out as a colonising fleet, they were a random collection of ships all fleeing Caprica. Do they have any manufacturing capability ? What about labs to create more antibiotics, because without those they're going to have very high mortality rates very soon.
I think the best episode of the season was a few episodes earlier, Downloaded, where the Number 6 who had originally been on Caprica with Baltar was reincarnated and found she had snarky ImaginaryFriend!Baltar to keep her company, in a nice symmetry with Baltar's invisible Number 6.
Back to the finale, I figured the Cloud Nine explosion at first for merely a handy "whose contract don't we want to renew" device, but it turned out to also be the signal that lured the Cylons to their new home, and it looks like most of the main characters survived anyway.

Meanwhile, a useful list of the
number of survivors at the end of each BSG season 2 episode (spoilers, obiviously).

Also caught up with last night's Doctor Who tonight. Overall I enjoyed it, but I never quite felt the Cybermen were more than Daleks with legs, they needed a bit more to differentiate them (especially now that Daleks can go up stairs!).

Finally, scanned through the Eurovision Song Contest (was later on the tape with Who), just to get an idea of the songs entered. Most I skipped after 30 seconds or so, when it was clear that they were mostly ordinary pop of some sort - except for a couple for which 5 seconds was enough, one of the singers had dreadful intonation, and the UK act was pretty dire. I liked Norway's song, and Finland, of course, and even listened to both of them in full ... twice ! Ok, Lordi were channeling Kiss and Alice Cooper and many other 80's metal bands, but they did it well and made it quite catchy.
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Date:May 22nd, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
Lithuania should have come second!
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Date:May 22nd, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)
You don't know how much this comforts me. I watched my tape of the competition yesterday (playing the tape at ff through the voting) and thought I was the only one.

Finland so deserved to win although I thought Germany should have done a bit better.
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Date:May 23rd, 2006 06:27 am (UTC)
I liked the second doctor Cyberman episodes. You had this emotionless army of supermen (at least individually) who couldn't understand why they were losing all their wars, and forced into taking desperate measures to survive (as a race) [Tomb of the Cybermen et al]. After all the loss of human passion and emotion couldn't be that serious, considering what they had gained in return ... could it?

This is why I hate the introduction of their extreme "allergy" to gold in the Nathan-Turner era. It totally destroys the basis of the fundamental flaw of the cybermen that existed since The Tenth Planet. The cybermen were unemotional and logical, which was the very reason they were failing. They had stopped growing as a race.

Daleks on the other hand were supposed to be very emotional (the term paranoia comes to mind). It was only post Terry Nation they developed into logical beings in that Movellan episode, handicapped by being unable to think illogically. Again, another reason I dislike the Nathan-Turner era.

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