David Cook (davidcook) wrote,
David Cook

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Woo hoo :)

I'm back from the State Open Epee Championships - and I came 3rd !
Yay me :)

There were 16 entries in the men's comp, I won 3 of my 4 bouts in the pool round, was seeded 5th into the DE, then beat Jason 15-8, Jeremy 15-7, lost to Richard (the eventual winner) 7-15, then beat Luke 15-13 to get 3rd. Considering this was my first individual comp. for the year (I went to a couple of team comps earlier), that seems to be a pretty good result :)

Now must eat, and eat some more, then maybe doze a little. After that, maybe Matrix 3, maybe Kill Bill 1, or maybe just fiddling around with the computer all evening.
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