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Weekend update ...

So, after the fencing, I did something resembling lunch, then Lisa and I drove off to Chadstone to do quick run-around shopping (well, it was 4:30pm when we left home), and then watch Matrix : Revolutions. The movie was ... not bad, I guess, although my suspension of disbelief failed at times. It didn't quite carry me along for the ride in the way that, say, Pirates of the Caribbean did. Maybe M2 and M3 work better back-to-back ? Must try it sometime. After that, survived Borders with only minor damage to the wallet, and back home (and then to the computers :).

Sunday involved much lazy sleeping in, and some lazy lazing around in bed, and then finally getting up and eating and going for a bike ride at 5pm or so (about 40km, average speed 30.5 km/h). After that, washing a seemingly endless pile of dishes,
then to bed.

Today I was back at work, of course, but there was also a detour to Minotaur at lunch-time, another very dangerous place for the wallet.
And another bike ride when I came home, down to the (old, bitumen, poorly-maintained) velodrome near here. About 17km, average speed 33.5 km/h.

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