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Juggling videos, and weather ...

A bunch of juggling videos that made me go "wow" a lot, one evening :
Vova and Olga club juggling act
5 club juggling
Ivan Pecel and Niels Duinker - Juggling in Vegas
From 11 club passing into 5 & 6 club solos
Hardcore juggling tricks

Cool dance routine on treadmills (grabbed from fjm and darth_tigger and others)

And quoting randomly from the Evening Times a little while ago, I still find it slightly amusing to read about "blistering temperatures" and "the thermometer soared" and so on, in relation to a month with an average temperature of 17°C :

JULY'S blistering temperatures made it the hottest month ever recorded in Scotland, weather experts said today.
Only Glasgow failed to beat its record average for daily maximum temperature, set in August 1947.
But the city still clocked up 16 consecutive days - between the 14th and 30th - when the thermometer soared over 20C (68F).
Despite that, it was nowhere near its record of 297 hours of sunshine, with only 180 hours of sunshine for the month, while England had its sunniest month ever, with an average of 300 hours.
The highest recorded temperature in Scotland was at Prestwick, where temperatures sizzled at 31.3C (88F) on July 19.
But this failed to break the Scots record of 32.9C (89F) recorded in Greycrook, near the Borders village of St Boswells, in 1993.
According to the Met Office, the mean temperature in populated mainland areas was 17C (63F).
This was 3C higher than in a typical July and pips the Scottish record set in 1983.
UK-wide, the average was 18.4C (65F), making July the hottest month since records began in 1914.
Met Office spokesman Barry Gromett said: "It would have taken a miracle for this month not to be the hottest July on record.
"The weather cooled off over the weekend but not everywhere."
Although thousands adored the wall-to-wall sunshine and flocked to parks and beaches, for others high temperatures made nights unbearable to get to sleep, as the mercury remained around 18C (64F) overnight - the average daytime temperature for the time of year.
The hot weather also sparked warnings of increased house subsidence, buckled railway lines and melting roads.
Meteorologists said global warming was behind the change.
The temperature hit 36.5C (97.7F) at Wisley, Surrey, smashing the July record British temperature.
But the Met Office ruled out this month being hotter still.
A spokesman added: "We've probably had the highest temperature for the year."

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