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Discworld time !

So, here we are, sitting in the shiny new cafe at the Hinckley Island Hotel, complete with free wifi access (oooh). rwrylsin and I came down a while ago, and we've been joined by gaspode and Jo-with-no-LJ (with a big/shiny Rock laptop, not that I'm jealous :-) ). The Con hasn't started yet, but already lots of people are here for it, including, sitting not very far away at all, Terry Pratchett himself (oooh).
We drove down from Chester this afternoon. While we did get rained on, we got here in time to avoid the spectacular thunderstorm that dumped rather a lot of water (and hail !) around this area at 7ish. This hotel has been revamped since we were last here, and there were some suspicious dripping noises coming from the ceiling of our room, let's hope nothing leaked.
Time to go for now, more updates later, if I have a quiet moment to grab the laptop ...

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