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Seven Castles and a Minster.

Looking up into the lantern in the Little Castle at Bolsover, and Conisbrough Castle, the keep of which just looks so very castle-y :

Looking up into the lantern at the Little Castle, Bolsover Conisbrough Castle

And here we have Beeston Castle (more of a fort with delusions), Carlisle Castle, Kirby Moxloe (all bricky !), Clifford's Tower (a remnant of York Castle), a stairway in one of the remaining bits of Chester Castle, and finally, a view taken half way up the central tower at York Minster.

Beeston Castle

Carlisle Castle

Kirby Moxloe Castle

Clifford's Tower, remnant of York Castle

Stairs in what remains of Chester Castle

York Minster, from part-way up the central tower
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