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Flight search websites ...

Is there a flight search site out there that is truly comprehensive ?
I've been trying to plan a couple of trips lately, and I find it very frustrating that no single search site seems to check all of the possible airlines. As far as interfaces go, I found www.dohop.com recently, and it has by far the slickest and AJAX-iest presentation (i.e. not constantly reloading pages and going back and forth just to view or change little details), and does surprisingly well at finding routes involving connecting flights (some sites don't, and that's even more painful). It's a pity it doesn't let me select, for example, all the airports in easy reach of here (Glasgow, Prestwick and Edinburgh count) as departure points in a single query, though, and it doesn't seem to pick up all of the available airlines flying on the routes I'm looking at. I also use skyscanner.co.uk and expedia.co.uk - are there any others that a) have a decent interface, and b) cover all of the major and budget airlines ?

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