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Back from CPH ...

... and it looks like everyone was saving up their LJ posts for the past weekend, there are hundreds of them !
We left a wet and windy Glasgow on Friday, and came back to a wetter and windier Glasgow tonight. Despite catching up on sleep on Sunday/Monday, after flying CPH to STN then STN to GLA today, I feel all tired out again. I like flying, except for a) security checks, b) queues for security checks, c) queues everywhere else, d) bogus security restrictions that don't actually add to security but do add to travelers' inconvenience, e) turbulence, f) worrying about possible turbulence, g) seats that were clearly not designed for someone with my length of legs, h) my fencing bag being quietly brought out and left on the floor behind us at STN on the way through - what security ?, i) the water bottle that we put in the checked-in suitcase managing to leak and dampen half our clothes. Whew. There might be more, but I'm too zonked to remember them at the moment.

... and to add to the fun, I'll be getting up for work before 6am tomorrow and every day in November (even next week when I'm on a 9 to 5 training course - because the course is being held in Edinburgh. Anyone for a random lunch meetup ?).

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