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December 4th, 2006

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09:18 pm - More power ...
My computer is now happily back in action after having a new power supply installed (this morning's post was done from the work laptop, which I had at home while on-call over the weekend). There must be something funny about the power in this house, light-globes fail far more often than I'd expect, and I've had two power supplies fail and rwrylsin's computer is off right now have the power supply looked at.
Now I just need to get the Ctrl keys on my keyboard working ... quite unrelated to the power supply issue, but I thought I wanted to clean it out, so I took it apart. I discovered that a) there was no need, and b) a Dremel is very handy for getting past recalcitrant screws. It went back together ok, and every key works except for both of the Ctrl keys. Guess I'll have to take it apart again, and with luck, not break any other keys.

Meanwhile, we have a suspicious damp patch on the lounge ceiling in the area under the small balcony of the flat above - I guess the faintly ridiculous amounts of rain we've had in the last few weeks has finally taken its toll.
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Date:December 6th, 2006 05:59 pm (UTC)
With your love of technology, I'm surprised you don't have a UPS.

One of the reasons I replaced my guest/spare PC recently with a "new" one ($29 on ebay) was so that I have a spare power supply. (... nothing much else from a PII/333 is worth salvaging.)

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