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Time for a quick update before sleeeeeep

Insta-update :

Saturday was incredibly lazy, and then the Monash Uni Fencing Club Presentation Dinner was held in the evening (at the Silky Apple, a nice Chinese restaurant in ... Toorak ? Armadale ? not sure which suburb exactly, near our place, anyway)

Sunday was lazy, finally got up around 2pm, played on the computer a bit, went for a bike ride (just over 40km, avg. speed around 30.5 km/h, very nice tail-wind for about 8 km head north/northwestish along the coast - cruising at 45 km/h is such fun ;), then Lisa and I did the shopping for the week and had dinner. I stayed up a little too late (but that's normal :)

Monday was work, vague intentions of a bike ride in the evening, but decided to be lazy and do nothing much instead.

Tuesday ... is today ! Work, then cycled to fencing, had 5 bouts in a very vague state, came home, ate, and ... well, the computer grabbed me and here I still am.

Dance lesson tomorrow, fencing Thursday, MSFC Friday, something on Saturday, and maybe a quiet day on Sunday (apart from catching up on washing clothes and dishes, and making a start on tidying up the place a bit ...).

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