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1/12th over already ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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January 31st, 2007

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12:35 am - 1/12th over already ...
This year is just going to fly past, I can tell - already about one-twelfth gone !
I didn't make resolutions as such, but in December I decided it was time to get fit(ter) again. After making it to the gym seven times and fencing training three times in Dec, I've slowed down a bit in January - three gym sessions, two sessions of badminton, and fencing training every week. Of course, there was also a competition (did I mention that I won it ?) and the trip to Egypt (lots of walking ... lots and lots of walking).

Still, all that activity seems to be taking effect - one site said that your heart rate should drop 20bpm in the first minute after exercise. I've checked the last couple of times at the gym, and mine drops that much in 30 seconds or so, and 30-40bpm after the full minute. Now we just have to keep up the gym-going momentum for the rest of the year, despite holidays and on-call weeks and early-morning-start weeks and conventions and tournaments and visiting relatives and so on ... (and laziness and procrastination, of course).

I did decide to make one other little change this year, though - I should drink more alcohol. In particular, red wine, since it has repeatedly been shown to have some health benefits (in moderation). Last year, I drank ... hardly ever, really. There were at least a few months where I didn't drink any alcohol, and when I did, it would be only one or two glasses. Of course, it's tricky to keep explaining to people that no, I'm not a teetotaller, I just don't drink habitually or regularly (and I don't like beer). Since I don't drink very often, and not great quantities, it seems wasteful to buy a whole bottle of wine (rwrylsin doesn't like wine, so it'd just be me drinking it most of the time), but local supermarkets have recently started stocking a range of 250ml bottles of wine - just the right size for an occasional drinker like me. If I find I'm starting to prefer a particular style, I may ask the oenophiles out there for recommendations (say, dmw, I seem to recall had a rather nice red at WorldCon - do you remember what it was?).
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