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Late night update ...

Weather : Ahh, spring ! 35 on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday ?), with lovely thunderstorms one night and during the next day. 17 today, with drizzly rain all day (oddly enough, the sort of weather that happened a lot (ie. for whole weeks at a time) during my first couple of winters here (97/98ish), but hardly at all in winter this year and last. I don't know if this is a hangover from El Nino or La Nina, normal variation, or climate change ...).

Fencing on Thursday was fun, managed to get 12 hits on Seamus (then again, he was tired and had been fencing for a couple of hours), and beat some other people.

Friday was a quiet night at MSFC, mainly sat around talking about Doctor Who and BBC politics.
Ended up staying up rather late last night after getting home from MSFC, around 4:30am - partly to help Lisa stay up, and partly because I tend to stay up late anyway. I was helping Lisa to stay up late because she was going to be working from 9pm until around 3am tonight (or later, if things didn't go to plan), and wanted to get synchronized to the later time. Of course, staying up late, and not having enough sleep during the week, meant that we slept around 11 hours, and finally got moving for the day sometime after 5pm (!). Consequently, I've done nothing of consequence today, apart from doing a few dishes and rearranging a few books. Wheee, let's hear it for weekends.

While doing dishes, I watched some of the World Cup Rugby Final, and saw
England win (the horror :-> ). I don't know much about rugby, but it seems when the English were consistently pushing the Aussies backwards in the scrums, the Australians have some beefing up to do. As expected, Wilkinson got 15 of the 20 English points, and kicked the winning points in the last minute of extra time. Australia got one try, but to mostly-rugby-ignorant me, it seemed that they didn't have that attacking spark that they'd need to get more - it wouldn't matter how many points one man can kick if we get 4 or 5 tries and convert a few of them. Oh well, roll on Paris :-> .

Am now playing Baldur's Gate II again (part of last night's foolishness was to start a new game ...).

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