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Toast !

Why is it so hard for hotels to provide decent toast for breakfast ?

In my world, toast spends approximately 6 milliseconds going from the toasting device to my plate, whereupon it is slathered in probably-unhealthy amounts of room-temperature butter - which promptly melts in very nicely and makes for a good toast experience.

In HotelWorld[tm], though, toast is either left lying around for seconds - possibly minutes! - before it reaches my plate, or the butter is chilled (wtf?), or the bread is wimpy thin stuff that makes rubbish toast anyway. The Hinckley-whatever-they're-called-this-month is one of the worst offenders, of course - I've seen people resort to propping their toast on top of a cup of tea in an attempt to get it up to a decent temperature (doesn't really work, though, it ends up all soggy).

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