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So, last Friday, around the time I was getting off a plane at Gatwick, I dropped my Optio S camera (probably on or near my seat). Despite reporting it as soon as I noticed it gone from my pocket, the BA staff didn't beat the cleaning crew to the plane, so I had to report it missing and wait. I'm still waiting to hear, and at this stage I'm starting to resign myself to the idea that I won't get it back. Fortunately, there wasn't much on the memory card - a few shots I'd taken from the air, and a few test shots from home, so it's not a disaster, just inconvenient.
I'm now trying to work out, if it is indeed lost, what sort of camera I'd replace it with. I'll probably stay with Pentax, because their compact digitals are small, easy to use, and yet have some very useful features.
Now I just need to choose from a slightly bewildering array of models - S7, A20, W20, L20, E30, M20, T20.
One has a touch-screen, one is waterproof and has interval shooting, but doesn't work with my remote, one is 10MP (the rest are 7), a couple of them are rather limited in features (entry-level models) ... too much choice ! The obvious one would be the S7, the latest version of the S line (7MP vs the 3.2 that mine has/had, and a larger screen), but some of the features the others have seem quite useful - and yet there isn't single model with all of the worthwhile features. And that's not even considering the possibility of looking at other brands.

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