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Games (1) : Arkham Horror

On Sunday night at Redemption, rwrylsin and I joined in a game of Arkham Horror, a Call of Cthulhu boardgame. It is quite neat - many of the basics are similar to games like Talisman or Munchkin - you have a character card with various stats on it, you move around a board and collect items, weapons, spells, followers, and have random encounters in various places. The main difference is that the game is cooperative rather than competitive between the players. You are all working towards a common goal, surviving in a town where one of the Old Ones is about to pay a visit. This makes the game friendly towards beginners, if there are enough players involved, as you can avoid quite a bit of trouble and just go wandering around and exploring by yourself.
Our game pitted 8 of us (the maximum) against Hast... ahem, you know who I mean. Various gates to other planes of existence opened up around the town of Arkham, and then monsters started popping out of them, but we managed to deal with them fairly well, and managed to finish the game (by sealing 6 gates) about 4 hours after we started. I think we might have to keep an eye out for this one, and seek out a bunch of people to play it with sometime (the only drawback might be that the game gets harder with fewer players, down to the recommended minimum of 4, so we'll need a big group).

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