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Fencing and teeth ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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March 15th, 2007

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09:33 am - Fencing and teeth ...
Teeth first : rwrylsin and I had check-ups at the dentist yesterday. Amazingly, since the last time we saw a dentist was in Australia, our teeth are in pretty good shape. I need some of my old fillings replaced, since they have a couple of gaps, but no new fillings required. Considering how much chocolate and fizzy soft drink I consume, that's quite amazing.

Fencing: Edinburgh International (an FIE satellite) tournament on the weekend. Slightly disappointing turnout - 38 entries, compared to 53 last year, and compared to 120+ entries in most of the large UK tournaments. I thought I was fencing ok, but the results don't really bear that out - won 2 of 5 in the first round, 2 of 5 in the second round, and was seeded 17th into the DE. One pool bout in the second round turned into a bit of an epic - one of the fencers in the pool had won all of his bouts up to that point, mainly because he has a very quick fleche attack - no-one had managed to stop it or even get a double-hit on it up to then. We traded hits up to 2-2, and then he fleched at me - and we got a double. He fleched again - another double. 4-4, and the next hit would win it - he fleched again, and again, and a few more times after that - every time a double hit. We ran out of time, priority was decided for the last minute, and then there was a brief flurry of action that ended up with him winning the bout.
On to the DE bout - I was up 10-7 at the start of the third period, after catching up during the second, and I was still up 13-12 with a minute to go ... and then I ran out of concentration, and lost 13-15. I had 8 minutes of good concentration ... in a 9-minute bout. Next stop, Birmingham !
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