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Leaping into Spring ...

Apparently we have a Spring going on up here. The past two days have been mostly sunny, not rainy (nor snowy, haily or sleety), and got above 10°C.

Now, catching up on the past week. Last Sunday I was flown down to London. Work wanted me to babysit some testing that was going on, and meet the business types and so on. Since I had a few nights, I decided to take my fencing kit down and find a couple of local clubs.
On Monday night I went along to LTFC - they had zillions of epeeists, and squeezed two pairs of fencers onto each piste or into the spaces between pistes - and still had a queue ! There must have been 30 epeeists there at one point, plus there were a dozen or so sabreurs doing their thing at the other end of the hall. Before going there, I discovered that my hasty packing on Sunday afternoon around the time the taxi came to pick me up had a flaw ... I'd left the plastic bag containing my breeches and tracksuit pants in Glasgow. D'oh ! Fortunately, after asking a few people there, I found someone who lent me his tracksuit pants, and managed to get down to the fencing. Ended up fencing eight or nine bouts (most to 10 hits), and was fencing okish, too.
Tuesday night saw me along at Haverstock - this time with breeches, after speaking to one of the fencers at LTFC who happened to have a spare pair, and be going along to Haverstock. Tuesday night at Haverstock is a mini-competition night - they have three levels of competition, each of which runs a pool and a DE (bouts to 10 to save some time). I ended up in the top pool, which meant that the other six fencers there were ranked from 38th up to 5th in the UK rankings (I'm 50.5th). I was fencing well, though, and won two bouts, and gave the others a pretty good fight too (got at least a couple of points in every bout). That put me into the mini-DE in 5th place, against the fencer who put me out of the Welsh Open last year, 15-14. We traded points all the way to 9-9, but this time I managed to get the last hit and won. Next, the top seed from the pool, and he'd beaten me there too, but this time I fenced ... differently - weirdly, even - trying out different lines and angles, and keeping slightly better distance, and I found myself a few hits ahead all the way to winning, 10-7. The final was against the UK no. 9 - who, coincidentally, beat me in the Welsh Open two years ago. Again, this was a close bout, up to 8-8 - then he got the next hit, and finished the bout off with a double-hit. That ended a very good night of fencing for me, especially with the Birmingham Open coming up (and we all wandered off to the pub afterwards, of course).

Wednesday night I flew back up here, and Thursday night we went along to our local fencing club. To add to the general busy-ness, I've been on call for work this week - fortunately things have been relatively quiet, one call on Thursday night (but after fencing), and the regular Saturday morning checks (but they were uneventful).
This weekend has been much quieter, we dealt with the shopping yesterday, went to the gym today, and have done a little tidying around the place. Otherwise, I've been "watching" the cricket (well, watching the score updates on cricinfo.com), and playing games, mostly.

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