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Leaping into Spring ...

Apparently we have a Spring going on up here. The past two days have been mostly sunny, not rainy (nor snowy, haily or sleety), and got above 10°C.

Now, catching up on the past week. Last Sunday I was flown down to London. Work wanted me to babysit some testing that was going on, and meet the business types and so on. Since I had a few nights, I decided to take my fencing kit down and find a couple of local clubs.
I fenced at LTFC on Monday and Haverstock on Tuesday.Collapse )
Wednesday night I flew back up here, and Thursday night we went along to our local fencing club. To add to the general busy-ness, I've been on call for work this week - fortunately things have been relatively quiet, one call on Thursday night (but after fencing), and the regular Saturday morning checks (but they were uneventful).
This weekend has been much quieter, we dealt with the shopping yesterday, went to the gym today, and have done a little tidying around the place. Otherwise, I've been "watching" the cricket (well, watching the score updates on cricinfo.com), and playing games, mostly.

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