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Grrr ...

Last Friday, I was asked to take a couple of photos of a ribbon-cutting for a new website our department will be using at work (done in a tongue-in-cheek way). So, since I have a nifty shiny cute digital camera, I duly took the photos, and said I'd get them off the camera and put them somewhere where they could read them.

The first Grrr moment came this morning, when I simply couldn't read any photos at all off the camera - not in Win XP, not in Mandrake 9.1, not through the card reader and not directly from the camera. Yargh. And of course, fiddling around with all that meant that instead of a comfortable 1km walk to my train I got all hot and bothered by running for it.

The second Grrr came at work - I figured that surely my nice mostly-stable W2K system would happily read stuff from the camera.

It didn't.

Worse than that, while fiddling around with unplugging and reconnecting the camera, it crashed !

Now, a crash may not seem to harmful, but, once again, the way I use the computer as a substitute for my memory does make them a little more painful :
After a month of being up and logged in, I had about 20 login sessions to various Unix systems here. I had a bunch of Mozilla windows - I think most of the were bookmarked, but I can probably hunt through the History and find out what else I had. I had about 15 e-mails open from various times up to 3 months ago, as a reminder to do something, or reply to them, or something. Now I have no idea what I had open, so I'll just have to wait for reminders or hassles. Worst of all, I had a wordpad document open, and whenever I find something interesting I copy it in there (e.g. interesting link or article somewhere), and at semi-regular intervals e-mail it home. That's all gone too, and I have no way of getting any of it back. Yargh !

So, for lunch I stalked around some parks to the sound of ear-crunching music, and discovered today's pollen count (high) by the time I was done. Achoo.

And both pairs of batteries I had for my CD player went flat while walking around, but fortunately the second pair lasted until close to work, so it wasn't as annoying as it could have been.

Fortunately, the camera is still under warranty, in case there's some serious problem with it.

Grrr. Good thing there's fencing to let off steam at tonight :-)

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