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Brief(ish) update for the last week and a bit : Drove down to… - He's just this guy, you know.

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April 15th, 2007

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09:41 pm
Brief(ish) update for the last week and a bit :
Drove down to Birmingham on Good Friday. Touristed around Birmingham on Saturday. Fencing in the Birmingham Open on Sunday - came 51st out of 152 entries. Fenced ok, but lost two bouts in the pool round, giving me a tough draw in the L64 (no. 6 in the British rankings) after winning my L128 bout (at least I managed to win the L128 bout, I've had enough problems with those along the way). The bout went fairly evenly up to 10-all or 11-all, the he stepped up a gear and won it.
On Monday, we drove back to Glasgow, with a stop along the way at Jodrell Bank Observatory. Neat !
Gym on Wednesday evening, fencing on Thursday, and on Friday night, I went along to help set up for the Glasgow Open, which ran this weekend.
On Saturday, obviously, I fenced in the epee at the Glasgow Open. I did well in the first round of pools, winning all my bouts, but lost two in the second round - which was the result used for seeding in the DE. Seeded 16th into the DE, won my first two bouts (L64 and L32), then was faced with the top seed. I had previously beaten him comfortably at the Doric Open last year, and remembering that, figured that I had a good chance this time. Unfortunately, he also remembered that, and fenced a different style, and I didn't really get in to the bout properly - lost 9-15. Final result, 12th, pretty much the same as last year. Ironically, this means I've now managed a medal from each of the Open events in Scotland (Scottish Open, Highland Open, Inverclyde Open, and Doric Open) except for the home one.
Today I was helping out while the men's & women's foil events were being run, mainly by running around taking photos (they had a projector there for results and messages, but also put some of the photos up). Unfortunately, the cold that rwrylsin developed last week finally caught up with me today - I'm glad my body held out this long, I'm sure I would have fenced worse feeling like I do today - sore throat, pounding headache, and very tired now. Adding to the "fun", I'm doing the 7:30am-3:30pm shift at work for the first three days this week, which means it is already past my bedtime. Whee ... *thud*
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